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About Reliance Fx

Who are we

Over the years we managed to make a living and more from trading, starting off as a fulltime trader to gradually reducing the hours to a few per day with huge returns. Having traded independently for over 8 years combined, coaching a large number of people the foundations of trading, we decided it was the opportune time to create a base to share our knowledge and experience worldwide.

Our courses are designed to help you understand the technical , fundamental and most importantly the psychology aspects of trading. From our experience we have understood that learning how to trade is the easiest part, many people don’t understand that 5% of trading is the technical/fundamental and the other 95% is psychology, that’s why we hold pride in our education because it mentally prepares you for the trading world.

We also have other services such as Reliancefx Funding which enables us to help people create an income through trading. After conducting a survey of 500 people we noticed that a lot of people would rather learn and trade at the same time but don’t have the capital to do so, hence why we put together the funding program that give everyone an opportunity to trade with a huge capital which means huge returns.

Becoming a trader is never going to be easy. Throughout our years of trading a numerus amount of people have encountered us with the issue of balancing trading and work. Due to this we decided to create a system that fits all and that’s our powerful autotrader, its designed to help you create a second income while working and eventually give you the opportunity to become an independent trader like ourselves.

About Us Mission Statement

RelianceFx was inspired by the success of our students – the living prodigies of our vision. So, we decided to create a foundation for people to be able to learn whenever and wherever they want, with the focus being simplifying trading for everyone.

Our Mission at RelianceFx is to empower, educate and build our community to be the first-class pioneers worldwide for success in the field of trading. We strongly believe in integrity and honesty; that is why we take pride in the services that we provide. Our long-term vision is to impact as many lives as possible through our unique services on an international scale.


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If you have any questions or concerns about trading then book yourself in for a free consultation with on off our experienced team members.

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Services What we do ?

Here at Reliance Fx, we provide several different services to help you get the best of the markets and build a successful career through it.

Services Courses

Learn how to become a successful and consistent forex trader.

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Services Power Trader

Why not let our professional team do the trading for you?

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Services Funding

Recieve funding from us to trade with.

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RelianceFx has the best in class service which I have been looking for since last 2 years. And finally I my search ends at RelianceFx. They got more than just amazing results too. Thank you to the team. Excited to see more amazing results from RelianceFx.